ASTM D5972 Micro Rapid Freezing point of Aviation Fuels GD-238

Features :

1. 10.4-inch touch LCD display with full english interface for real-time data and curve display.
2. Use optical principles to accurately monitor changes in oil samples, and automatically measure and report test results through detection software.
3. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes from starting up to injecting samples and obtaining test results. After the test is completed, the instrument automatically heats up.
4. Only 1 mL of oil sample is required for each test.
5. Single unit self-cascading refrigeration has fast cooling speed and the refrigeration depth can reach -90℃.
6. The efficient and fast database function can store 10,000 results. The data curve displays the test results, making it easy to review and use the saved experimental results.
7. Password-protected operation permissions ensure the security of the database.
8. Key components are selected from internationally renowned brands to ensure the performance and reliability of the instrument.
9. The instrument can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system and can be networked with multiple machines.

Specifications :

  • GD-238
  • GOLD

Main Parameters:
Sample measurement range: 10℃~-80℃
Average test time: 10~20min
Sample volume: 1mL
Machine power: 600W
Dimensions: 550×340×350 (mm)
Weight: 30Kg

Catalog : PDF




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