Automotive Gas Analyzer YC7500

Features :

  • The telemetry shell is made of stainless steel 304, which is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, and can function normally in rain and snow.
  • High-precision emission lens and anti-corrosion coating technology are adopted to ensure that the measurement optical path is accurate, stable and reliable.
  • High-precision speed radar is used to measure the speed and acceleration of the vehicle in real time.
  • Environmental meteorological parameter measurement system provides meteorological information of equipment operation environment for telemetry data analysis and ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

Specifications :

Automotive Gas Analyzer YC7500

Measurement Components Measurement Range Measurement Error
CO (0~10) % ≤10%
CO2 (0~16) % ≤10%
HC (0~10000) x10-5 ≤15%
NO (0~10000) x10-5 ≤10%
Opaque Smoke Level 1-100% ≤5%
Smokiness Factor 0-50  
Light Absorption Coefficient 0-16m  
Response Time 0.7s  
Speed Range Speed/Acceleration Systems  
Speed Measurement Accuracy 1-100km/h  
Technical Parameters of the License Plate Recognition System Speed:1-50km/h Speed: 50-100km/h
Error: ±1.5km/h Error: ±3km/h
Technical Parameters of the License Plate Recognition System
Vehicle image Capture Rate >98%
Vehicle License Plate Recognition Rate >95%

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