Carbon Residue Tester Conradson Method GD-268

Features :

1. The design can totally meet requirements of standard GB/T 268.
2. Simple design. Accessories complete. The test can be done as loon as equip civil gas.

Specifications :

  • GD-268
  • GOLD
  • GD-268
Porcelain crucible About 30ml
Inner iron crucible About (75±5)ml
Outer iron crucible About (190±10)ml with cover
Supporter Height: (250±10) mm   Bore diameter: Ф (130±5) mm
Flame shield Diameter of upper port:Ф(90±2)mm
Diameter of lower port:Ф(82±2)mm
Round iron cover The height of underpart is (50~53)mm.
The height of cone in the middle is (25±2) mm.
There is a piece of iron wire as the fire bridge on the top.
The height is (50±3) mm. It is regarded as the indicator of max height.
Blowtorch It adopts gas torch
Dimension Ф130mm*400mm

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