Integrated Rainwater Image Station

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Specifications :

1. Telemetry Terminal Parameters

1) It has the function of sending data to the platform (including battery voltage and signal strength)
2) Input and output interface: It has the simultaneous connection of tipping bucket rain sensor. Water level sensor. HD digital camera. Supports two communication channels (Beidou and GPRS) at the same time Communication and computer connection interface supports RS-232C, RS-485, SDI-12 and other interface protocols. With large-capacity FLASH storage, more than 8M storage, rainfall data can be stored for more than 5 years.
3) It adopts solar + battery power supply, with solar charge and discharge management functions, dynamic power consumption control, and can work normally for more than 45 days in the absence of sunlight.
4) Working current: the current of the whole machine on duty (including GPRSModem but not sending and receiving data) ≤ 20mA.
5) With GPRS/SMS. Beidou satellite and other communication methods. Support one card for multiple transmissions, the telemetry station can send data to up to 5 central stations at the same time, each center can have two communication channels and backup each other; support self-report. Self-report-confirmation. Response three data communication methods, three Two communication methods can be combined to network;
6) With keyboard LCD man-machine interface, all parameters can be directly set, and information such as current time/rainfall/water level/communication status/power supply can be displayed.
7) RTU has the function of storing and collecting data; it has the function of remote program upgrade, which is convenient for the management and maintenance of the measuring station; it has the functions of regular self-checking and reporting. Automatic reset of crashes. Station address setting. Power-down data protection. Real-time clock calibration and equipment testing. ; It can send data through main and standby channels according to timing or event self-reporting, and the collection terminal has built-in embedded software for automatic monitoring and reporting of mountain torrent disaster prevention, which can analyze rainfall, water level, gate position, flow rate, flow rate, water volume, temperature and humidity. .
8) It has the functions of real-time measurement of rainfall, water level, image and other data;
9) It has the function of setting the threshold of rainfall and water level;
10) It has the function of local sound and light alarm;
11) It has an alarm expansion interface;
12) It has functions such as power-down data protection, real-time clock calibration, equipment self-checking, etc.;
13) When the water level and rainfall exceed the set threshold, the system automatically sends the alarm information to the authorized number and platform.
14) In order to adapt to the complex electromagnetic environment, the telemetry terminal should pass the electromagnetic compatibility test and obtain a report.
15) The telemetry terminal is waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level meets the IP68 level requirements and obtains the report.
16) Working environment: keep 4 hours at -10°C. 45°C. Two working environment conditions, voltage fluctuation: The rated voltage is 12V, and it works normally within the range of DC 10.2V-14.4V.

2. Wireless Communication Module Parameters

1) Industrialized GPRS/GSM standard module, connected to RTU via RS-232C, GPRS/GSM module can be operated and controlled by RTU;
2) Product transmission data is effective and stable, with data terminal embedded software.
3) Support GPRS Class10/Class 12 and GSM phase2/2+; theoretical bandwidth 85.6Kbps;
4) Transmit power: GSM850/900: <33dBm GSM1800/1900: <30dBm;
5) Receive sensitivity <-107dBm.
6) The product has passed the reliability test and obtained the report.
7) Hardware system: CPU industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor; power consumption (mA@12V): ≤140mA (working), ≤30mA (idle) Voltage range: +3.3V~+26V, working temperature: -25~+ 60℃, humidity range: 0-95%, non-condensing.
8) The product can be used in outdoor working environment, and the enclosure protection level is not lower than IPX5.
9) The product adopts a metal shell, in order to ensure the adaptability of the GPRS module to the ambient temperature, the product has passed the high and low temperature test storage and test work, random vibration, mechanical shock, and drop test.
10) The wireless communication module must support full Netcom 4G, WIFI and LAN network communication.
11) Wide voltage design, with reverse connection protection, overvoltage and overcurrent protection and anti-lightning surge absorption functions.

3. Image Sensor Parameters

1. With infrared function, low power consumption, easy heat dissipation, static shooting of high-definition pictures;
2. Small size and bracket, easy to install;
3. RS485 communication, simple wiring, low deployment cost, especially suitable for long distance and low cost Wiring plan;
4. Simple wiring, four-wire system, two-core power cord (V+, GND), two-core RS485 communication line (A, B line);
5. Imported lens, waterproof design, presents a perfect image;
6. Support 0.02-0.3lux illuminance to take pictures in a dark environment;
7. Resolution: 1600*1200;
8. Pixel: 200W;
9. Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200;
10. Picture output format: JPEG ;
11. Working voltage: 9-28VDC;
6) Support PTZ priority control, 485 and the network can be set to different priorities
7) Support the use of H.264 video encoding standard, H.264 encoding supports Baseline/Main /High Profile
8 ) Image transmission delay ≤140ms, support three streams output at the same time
9) Outdoor dome camera has good protection performance, supports IP66, TVS 6000V lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge

4. Technical Parameters of Water Level Gauge

This monitoring station can use a variety of water level sensors, including bubble, pressure, ultrasonic, radar, and various contact water level sensors. Take the radar position meter as an example:
1. Measuring range: 0-70m;
2. Measuring accuracy: ±3mm;
3. Resolution: 1mm;
4. Working frequency: 24.25GHz;
5. Working principle: Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW );
6. Transmitting power (EIRP): 16-25dBm (intelligently adjusted according to the law of water changes)
7. Response time: 100ms at the fastest, 10s output average measured value, beam angle: 10°, antenna: planar microstrip array antenna, Built-in universal level;
8. Intelligent perception and compensation of attitude angle: horizontal angle. Roll angle accuracy ± 1°; resolution ± 0.1°
9. Intelligent water level tracking and recognition algorithm: self-learning, self-recognition, self-filtering, self-adaptation Ensure stable and reliable water level monitoring data;
10. Power supply range: DC 6-30V, typical 12V,
11. Power consumption: <20mA @DC 12V;
12. Communication interface: standard RS485 interface, RS232/4-20mA can be customized;
13 . Communication protocol: Modbus protocol, customizable protocol;
14. Protection level: IP68; working temperature: -40℃~+85℃;
15. Configuration software: provide supporting special software, which can display water level and equipment inclination on the computer Real-time data;
16. Appearance. Working environment. Resolution. Accuracy. Hysteresis. Repeatability. Voltage fluctuation. Anti-electromagnetic interference. Insulation resistance. Lightning protection. Mechanical environment (free fall. Vibration) detection.
17. Appearance. Interaction of various parts; detection of zero error.

5. Power

Provide 12V/38AH-100AH ​​lead-acid battery, equipped with 18V/30-60W solar panels
for continuous rainy days and working hours must be no less than 30 days.
Charge controller: It has automatic protection functions for overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharge, and reverse polarity, and is built into the telemetry terminal.

6. Monitoring of Standing Poles and Installation Components

Specifications: The diameter is not less than 100mm, the wall thickness is not less than 3mm, and the height is not less than 5m;
Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.
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