Moisture Analyzer BK1ANA21-110W

Specifications :

Weighing Range 110 g
Temperature 40°C-230°C
Operating Temperature Range 5°C-35°C
Temperature Set 1°C
Temperature Setting 40°C-230°C By 1°C Step
Moisture Range 0.00%-100.0%
Moisture Readability 0.0001
Dry Range 100.00%-0.00%
Dry Residual Readability 0.0001
Pan Size Φ100 mm
Readability 0.001 g
Interface Wirless, RS232/RJ45/USB
Calibration External Calibration
Rechargeable Battery 10,000 mAh
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Display 7 inch touch panel
Operation Height 275 mm
The Chamber Height 35 mm
Dimension 215x195x415 mm
Indicator Dimension 200x75x135 mm
Number of History 20
Number of Storage 20
Power 400 W
Balance Output: 9 V
Machine Output: 24 V (Dual-drive)
Power Supply 220 V±15%, 110 V±15% / 50 Hz, 60 Hz

Catalogue : PDF

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