Programmable Box Type Resistance Furnace DRK661C

Features :

1. Humanized design
1) Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber furnace resistance furnace: It has the characteristics of light weight, fast heating speed, energy saving and time saving, and can meet various fast sintering requirements.
2) The cabinet wall and the furnace body are designed with a double-layer structure and equipped with a cooling fan. The surface temperature of the cabinet is close to normal temperature during use.
3) The microcomputer temperature program controller imported from Japan has accurate and reliable temperature control. The key electrical components are all international famous brand products.

2. Intelligent programmable multi-segment controller (Japan Island Electric Controller):
1) The microcomputer program controls the temperature, time and heating speed and other programs, and conducts various sintering tests at an extremely fast speed.
2) 32 segments/32 steps can be pre-programmed, and each segment of time can be set up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
3) Multi-segment programmable control, realizing automatic control and operation.

3. Safety function:
It has an alarm system for sensor failure, high or low temperature and over-temperature, and audible and visual alarm to remind the operator to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.

4. High-quality energy-saving design:
Comprehensive safety performance design prevents the occurrence of high energy consumption. The furnace body adopts a double-layer structure and is equipped with a cooling fan. The furnace body is close to normal temperature during use.

Specifications :

Model DRK661C
Furnace Size 300×200×200
Dimensions 520×680×730
Furnace Volume 12L
Furnace Material Ceramic material
Maximum Temperature 1200°C
Operating Temperature ≤1100℃
Temperature Control Instrument Program PID temperature controller
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature Rise/Fall rate ≤45℃/min, 1000-300℃≥5℃/min
Heating Element Iron-chromium-aluminum heating alloy wire (OCr21A16Nb)
Voltage AC220V 50HZ
Rated Power 4KW
Working Current 19A
Furnace Cold rolled steel shell/stainless steel inner door, double layer, with fan

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