Solar Radiation Station RK200-05

Features :

  1. High accuracy.
  2. High reliability.
  3. Large storage capacity.
  4. Easy operation.
  5. Good user interface.

Specifications :

Item Specification
Spectral range 300-1100nm (RK200-04), 300-3000nm (RK200-03)
Measure range 0-1500W/m2(RK200-04),0-2000W/m2(RK200-03)
Supply 12VDC (adapter AC110V-AC220V)
Accuracy <5%(RK200-04),<3%(RK200-03)
Response time ≤5s
Storage capacity 65000 pieces of data can be stored
Inter-record gap 1min-240min adjustable
Display 4.3” color touch screen
Measurement parameters 32 Max.
Power consumption <4W
HMI processor ARM RISC 528MHz
Operating temperature -40℃-+75℃@5%-95%RH

Catalog : PDF


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