PEEK Pump Ion Chromatography IC6250

Features :

  1. Ideal model for high efficiency, high sensitivity, high reliability ion chromatography; dual system one machine realizes yin and cation simultaneously.
  2. Conductance and electrochemical detectors meet the detection requirements of different substances.
  3. Can realize two-dimensional ion chromatography (valve switching) and post-column chemical derivatives.
  4. Dual system simultaneously detection design allows customers to maximize efficiency, further shorten detection time.
  5. Double pump, column temperature box, modular design of the crash generator, the user can choose the required system configuration.
  6. It can be equipped with high-end double pump double system detection, and can also customize single pump single system detection according to customer needs, and personalize your chromatography solution.

Specifications :

PEEK Pump Ion Chromatography IC6250
System Parameter
Qualitative repeatability ≤0.05%
Quantitative repeatability ≤0.3%
Pump System
Pump flow rate 0.001 to 12.000 mL/min.
Pump head pressure resistance 0~40 MPa
Flow rate setting error <0.05%
Flow rate stability <0.05%
Pressure display accuracy 0.001Mpa
Pressure pulsation <0.5%
Electrical conductivity detector
Baseline noise ≤0.05%FS
Baseline drift ≤0.4%FS
Minimum detection concentration (Cl) ≤0.0001ug/mL
Minimum detectable concentration (Li) ≤0.00005ug/mL
Conductivity cell volume ≤ 0.6μL
Conductivity detection range 0-15000μS/cm
Detector resolution 0.00238nS/cm
Conductivity cell temperature setting error ±0.01°C
Temperature compensation range 1.5-3.0%
Constant current source range 0-500mA in 0.1mA increments
Column Oven room temperature +5℃~85℃
Temperature range
Temperature control stability ≤ 0.1℃
Sample Vials ≥ 120 Vials (1.5ml standard sample bottle)
Repeatability Full-loop injection <0.3% RSD,

Partial injection <0.5% RSD,

Nondestructive injection <1 % RSD (injection volume >5uL)

Syringe 500ul; optional; 250ul, 1000ul, 2500ul
Quantification ring specifications 100ul; optional: 20ul, 50ul, 200ul
Linearity >0.999
Cross-contamination <0.01%
Eluent Generator
Flow rate range 0.001 to 3.000 ml/min
Concentration range KOH, MSA – 0.1 ~ 100.0mM
Concentration accuracy 0.1mM
Electrolyte original concentration 25% KOH/MSA
Electrolyte volume 1000mL
Maximum working pressure 21MPa (3000psi)
Gradient accuracy 1.5

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