Infusion Pump Ion Chromatography IC6250

Features :

  1. Intergrated appearance design, high brightness LCD full touch GUI controller.
  2. High degree of automation “One Key Rinse” and “One Key Maintenance” automatic maintenance function.
  3. Higher intergration: Support optional parts upgrade to 2D system and multi-detector combination.
  4. Full PEEK pump and electric injection valve.
  5. Powerful and convenient chromatpgraphy workstation
  6. High precision temperatur-controlled conductivity detector.

Specifications :

Qualitative Repeatability ≤0.05%
Quantitative Repeatability ≤0.3%
Pump System
Flow Rate (0.001~12.000) mL/min
Pump Head Pressure Resistance (0 ~ 40) MPa
Flow Rate Setting Inaccuracy <0.05%
Flow Stability <0.05%
Pressure Display Accuracy 0.001Mpa
Pressure Pulsation <0.5%
Conductivity Detector
Baseline Noise ≤0.05%FS
Baseline Drift ≤0.4%FS
Minimum Detectable Concentration (Cl) ≤ 0.0001ug/mL
Minimum Detection Concentration (Li) ≤ 0.00005ug/mL
Conductivity Cell Volume ≤ 0.6μL
Conductivity Detection Range 0-15000 μS/cm
Detector Resolution 0.00238nS/cm
Conductivity Cell Temperature Setting Error ±0.01°C
Resolution of Conductivity Cell Temperature Display 0.001°C
Constant Current Source Range 0-500mA in 0.1mA increments
Column Oven
Temperature Range Room temperature +5°C~85°C
Control Temperature Stability ≤ 0.1°C
Number of Sample Vials ≥ 120 (1.5ml standard sample bottle)
Repeatability Full loop injection < 0.3% RSD,

Partial injection < 0.5% RSD,

Non-destructive injection < 1 % RSD (injection volume > 5uL)

Syringe Size Standard: 500ul; optional; 250ul, 1000ul, 2500ul
Loop Size Standard: 100ul; optional: 20ul, 50ul, 200ul
Linearity >0.999
Cross-contamination <0.01%
Eluent Generator
Flow Rate Range 0.001 to 3.000ml/min
Eluent Concentration Range KOH, MSA-0.1 to 100mM
Concentration Accuracy 0.1mM
Original Concentration of Electrolyte 25% KOH/MSA
Volume of Electrolyte 1000mL
Maximum Working Pressure 21MPa (3000psi)
Gradient Accuracy 1.5%

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